Flat Derby Captoe CH Brown

IDR 497,500.00

Classic with simple cut on the upper side with Flat Derby Captoe CH Brown! Classy yet casual vibes, a complement for casual - smart casual outfit style. Wear it with jeans? why not!

Style: Flat Derby Captoe
Upper: Genuine Brown Crazy Horse Leather
Outsole: Microtech ecofriendly (lightweight + extra grip pattern)
Construction: High Pressure Cemented


1. Draw your foot shape on a plain paper.
2. Measure the length of your foot.
3. Pick the size that suitable or close to your foot length.
1. Gambar telapak kaki pada selembar kertas.
2. Ukur panjang telapak kaki.
3. Pilih size yang sesuai atau mendekati ukuran kaki.
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